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Internet Explorer issues :/

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My site works fine in IE and FF when its in the subdomain of my main domain (http://t2.knightsdivine.net/). The problem is, it doesnt put the bottom menu fixed on the bottom when its in a masked .co.nr domain name (http://troop2.co.nr) in Internet Explorer. Firefox works fine everywhere.

I pasted the source code from the .co.nr domain name into http://t2.knightsdivine.net/test.php and that works fine too. Its only when its in the .co.nr domain name in IE...

Is there any way to fix that?
I'd leave it as is, but 99% of the people using the site are IE users :(



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Yeah, this might be because of the headers the .co.nr domain provider is using.
Similar thing goes with sessions, those redirect urls use headers that stop sessions from working in everything but firefox...

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