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Chaning a Database Default Answer

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I know absolutely nothing about this, but am hoping to make a minor change in a program.  I have an online auction site and when a member registers, or lists an item for the auction, one of the fields is Country.  In that spot, it says "Please Select Country".  You then choose from a list of countries, which has pretty much all the countries I could think of, plus some.  I would like to change it so that the default country is Canada.  I know the code for Canada is "32", just like the code for the USA is "210".  In the database, there is a table called "Countries" which has all the countries listed, along with their country code.  I have tried setting this to "32" for a default, but it made no difference.  I don't know if there would be another setting in there that I need to change.  In the code itself, there is some various spots, where they have put a "0" which refers to the "Please Select Category" or invalid entry.  I have tried changing the numbers in this general area around, and again it makes no difference.

I am not sure if I need to change it in the DB or if it would be in the script that I need to change it.

Here is an example of the membership form that they complete (the portion relating to country).  Not sure if that tells you anything as to where I should be looking to set the default.

              <TD width="44%" height="25" align=left valign="top" class="innertablestyle"><font  class="normal"><B>Country<br>
              <TD width="6" align=left valign="top"><font class="normal"><FONT class=red>*</font></FONT></TD>
              <TD> <SELECT name="sb_country">
                  <OPTION value=0
                          <? if($sb_country==0) {echo " selected ";}?>>Select
                  a country
                                                  $country1=mysql_query("select * from sbauctions_country order by country");
                                                  while($rst= mysql_fetch_array($country1))
                  <OPTION value=<? echo $rst["id"];?> <? if($rst["id"]==$sb_country) {echo " selected ";}?>><? echo $rst["country"];?></OPTION>
                                                          } // wend
                </SELECT> </TD>

thanks in advance,


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This is not a MySQL question.

Somewhere in your script you need to set the variable $sb_country to the value you want, then the country corresponding to that value will be selected by default in the menu.

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