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Changing links depending on selection

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I am new to this so please bear with me.  I have a site that holds information for a number of different clients.  The data for the clients is held in a MySQL database and the information therein is accessed by PHP (which I created in Dreamweaver MX). 

On the home page there is a list of all the clients.  Let's say clientA has accesssed this page, he would then click on his name, clientA and be taken to a page that contain some basic information about himself.  Up to here I am fine and the page is populated with the relevant data from the database.

However, on this page I would like to have a few more links that take the client to more detailed information about himself.  But here is my problem.  How do I make it so that these links (on clientA's basic information page) link to the other pages that will pull data from the database that relates to clientA?  So let's say clientB logs on, clicks the clientB link and therefore is taken to the basic information about clientB, the links that previously took clientA to more detailed information about clientA will now take clientB to more detailed information about clientB.

If that makes any sense I would appreciate any help I can get.


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