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How to create a PHP like this?

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Hi, am new to php stuff, but know a little about html. Here is what I like to do a PHP script.

I wanted to create kinda like an announcer, but very simply.
here is how i want it to look like.

[color=orange]-Our Next Meeting-[/color]
..... <- date display here
..... <- time display here
..... <- where to meet

[color=blue]Link[/color] <- a link here where only the President of the club can change the infornmation, which require a user/password.

Please help me. Thank you!

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http://www.php.net <--Good resource. Look at examples. There are a ton of examples and tutorials around the net (And here on phpfreaks!) you can reference. The best way to go about it all..is to learn it the hard way. By studying...and some trial and error.

There are diferent approaches to programming and diferent aspects of PHP you need to grasp (At least at a very basic level) in order to accomplish your goal. (Short of having someone hand you the code.)

Once you've picked up the basics...there's a great community here who can help you troubleshoot issues with your existing code. Good luck!

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