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bbcode parsing

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I've been trying to implement bbcode onto my website, but it's not working out. I just don't understand how to do it, and just about all the tutorials i come across are terribly written/wrong.

I did find a custom made file that parses tags, but the if you miss off a closing tag or make a similar mistake, it would destroy the page's layout, and i don't want to user input pages to be able to do that.

Can somebody point me towards some good documentation for using the PEAR bbcode parser or possibly explain how i go about using it themselves?

Thankyou for any help.

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Please point out any holes in my function but this is a simple version of what i've been using lately:


function parse_BBCode($input_str) {

  preg_match("#\[b\](.*?)\[b\]#i", $input_str, $matches);
  $input_str = preg_replace("#\[b\](.*?)\[\\b\]#i", "<b>".$matches[1]."</b>", $input_str);

  ... more BBCode->HTML regexs
return $input_str;

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