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best table scheme for polls?

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I took a look at the vBulletin source code and noticed that they seperate the questions and votes in only 2 columns.


Here is a visualization of the table in phpmyadmin:





and to the right of it there is:





they seperate their options with pipes. now, is this a good way to do polls? or is it better for me to go and put one poll option per row (with a seperate index which I\'ll organize myself)?


Or is there a way to put tables within tables to make this all easier that jelsoft and I don\'t know of?

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All design decisions like this involve tradeoffs. BBS polls are very simple because they can ask only one question, and then have a fixed set of answers that are always an enumerated list. Since they wanted to KISS, they used a compressed non-database centric structure. If your application was focused on polls, then this might be a bad decision, but since polls are essentially fluff in the context of a forum, it really doesn\'t matter. In their case they opted for a structure that is storage friendly but computationally taxing. This however allows them to focus on the forum code and be database agnostic which was probably one of their design goals.

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