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This is totally a problem

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Apache on my system running on winme wouldnt stop!
its apache 2.0 and here is what i do

[quote]G:\apache\apache2\bin>apache -k start

G:\apache\apache2\bin>apache -k stop
The Apache2 service is stopping.
Failed to stop the Apache2 service.


What should i do?
Apache does work but doles not stop.
My computer gives an error and hangs when i try to us Ctrl+Alt+Del to stop Apache.
I have to stop my computer manually.
:( ill be happy if you help.

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Rather than forcing it to stop. Look at your start bar, at the bottom right. Look for the apache taskbar icon (green triangle within a white circle, and a pink feather point to the top left). Right click on it an select Open Apache Monitor. Click the Stop button. Apache is attempt to stop itself. If that fails, again right click on the Apache taskbar icon and select Open Services.

Find the Apache service. Its proably named Apache for Apache1.x and Apache2 for Apache2.x
Right click on it and select Properties. Click the Stop button. See if that will stop the apache service from running. If it doesnt then either you have some form of malware controlling Apache, or Apache is misconfigured and causing it to not respond.

While you are still in the Servcies window for the Apache service chose Startup type to Manual or Disabled. This will prevent Apache from running once Windows has loaded up.

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Thanks but Windows ME does not have services so apache monitor does not work.
Help me please

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are you sure it dosent? hmm plus it would first have to be a service. what about GO TO RUN type in "msconfig" without quotes and a window will pop up click the last tab and look for apache start up control THATS ALL I GOT.

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I did say WindowsME does not have services? or does it but net start apache2 wunt work ok?
so get it that i hav only experienced apache1.3 on xp which worked and me, i dun know well, a trouble shoot wud work, cause the site has nuthin for

It was true that ME duz not supprot services, and i installed it as a service, for which Apache has an alternate!
Now I have it as a console aplication, so no problem


but ill appreciate if u can help my wid d alternate!

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