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[SOLVED] QuickForm - Help with addGroup


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Hello. Wondering if someone can help me with this QuickForm stuff.


I am using this to get the phonoe number into my database but all that shows up there is the word "Array".

$areacode= &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('text', '', null, array('size' => 3, 'maxlength' => 3));
$exchange= &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('text', '', null, array('size' => 3, 'maxlength' => 3));
$last4= &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('text', '', null, array('size' => 4, 'maxlength' => 4));
$form->addGroup(array($areacode, $exchange, $last4), 'Phone', 'Phone:', '-'); 


I've also tried this with the same result:

$phone[] = &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('text','areacode',null,array('size' => 3, 'maxlength' => 3));
$phone[] = &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('text','exchange',null,array('size' => 3, 'maxlength' => 3));
$phone[] = &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('text','last4',null,array('size' => 4, 'maxlength' => 4));
$form->addGroup($phone,'Phone','Phone: ','-');	


I'd appreciated if someone with QuickForm knowledge would help me out. Thanks.

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