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Creating a new user - MySQL crashes!

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I am trying to create a new user, so i dont have to use the \'root\' username on a website.

I can create the user fine, but when i go to call a php script, with the newly created user, MySQL crashes. I get a message that it is overwriting memory :?:


my code woks perfectly fine with the \'root\' user, but not any other, so im sure its not the code.


im using mysql control center 0.9.3 to create the user, which has worked in the past successfully, and mysql v4.10.


an exact example i have tryed is:

userid: test

pwd: test

host: localhost

with granting full previleges to one database, which results in the same error as above.


Does anyone know why?

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All I can suggest is that you take a look at the error logs for mysql and try and determine why it crashed. Security is just a function of entries in a few mysql database tables. There\'s nothing I can think of that would explain what you are seeing.

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