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How to display Timestamp in readbale format from MySQL

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I have a timestamp field in my database and I call it to display the time the record was inserted but it reads backwards which I believe in the MySQL standard [b]2006-07-28 00:40:23[/b]

How can I format the timestamp so it reads something like [b]Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 02:29 [/b]

Here is the code I use the display the records

[code]$q = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `news` LIMIT $set_limit, $limit");
  if(!$q) die(mysql_error());
    $err = mysql_num_rows($q);
      if($err == 0) die("No matches met your criteria.");

//Results per page: **EDIT LINK PATH**
<a href=?page=newsitem&limit=10&amp;pagenum=1></a>
<a href=?page=newsitem&limit=25&amp;pagenum=1></a>
<a href=?page=newsitem&limit=50&amp;pagenum=1></a>");

//show data matching query:
while($code = mysql_fetch_object($q)) {
} [/code]

the timestamp is stored under the fieldname [b]time[/b]

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You can use something like this:
date('F j, Y', strtotime($Timestamp))[/pre]

Change the 'F j, Y' into the form you want - http://www.php.net/date

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From looking at your code $code->time holds your timestamp. SO what you'll want to do is change:
[code]$time = date('F j, Y', strtotime($code->time))
echo '<b>Posted: ' . $time . "</b><br>";[/code]

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