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calling functions using parameter names

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New to the forum, so sorry in advance if this question is supposed to be in another forum.
I have created a function containing some parameters and now want to call this function but only pass in some parameters using the the parameter's name. i.e.
function someFunction($paramA=NULL, $paramB=NULL, $paramC=NULL){
return NULL;

//in my code somwhere i want to do something along the lines of:
$variable = someFunction($paramB=>"value");

Is this possible?


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No I dont think this is possible. However when creating your own functions, you should first start of by listing the parameters for that function and then order those parameters in order of priority. You shouldn't create a function which has sometihng like 10+ parameters, otherwsie the order of prority becomes harder to work out, the max paramters I'd say a function should have is 5.

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