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PHP & Form Button -> submit weird error

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Hi , I have written in php a form for getting some
input from the user. I have 4 text area controls (along with a few other controls)
and at the end of the form 1 submit button (as normal!)
The weird thing is that when I fill 2 of the text areas the button
works perfectly (doing whatever is 2 do) while if I fill up all 4 text areas the button does nothing !
not even an error message...the form just sits there!!
any ideas ??

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I am only a noob myself but to help you i know this (need backing up from sum1 else ere :S)

firstly-it would make it easier to help you if you posted the code in the form file, and in the process file (the file that sends/handles the information that the user has inputted)-If It Is In A Seperate File.

I Am Guessing At First Reading What You Have Wrote, That The Names Of The Text Boxes On The Form Page Don't All Match To The Names When Being Processed-For Example:

(If Your Processing script and form script are in seperate files)

your error might be this:

instead of doing this:

[b]Form File:[/b]

<form bla bla bla>
<field stuff and then here is your prob... name="userpname">

[b]Info handling file:[/b]

$_POST['username'] = 'username'
//or the prob cud b ere
$_POST['passqword'] = 'password'

mysql_connect (localhost, username, password, ) or die (mysql_error());
mysql_connect_db (database name)


simple spellin mistake cud b ur prob ere.

to make it easier-cud u post the code (removin ne db info of course)

hope i helped-dont think i did sumhow :S


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if i get the code better and i think its not with php

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well thanx guys ... for your help ...
the problem was not on spelling ...cause believe me
I 3ple checked.. !!!
I was using my form like this ...
<form ...... method = "get">

and of cource : $var = $HTTP_GET_VARS['var']

it seems that the 'get' method is limited as long as
passing text. () when I used the 'Post'  method it all
worked fine (-- unlimited word entry !!)

<form ...... method = "post">
and of cource : $var = $HTTP_POST_VARS['var']

Now, I'm using GET only 4 passing 1-2 variables at most!!!

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