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Calling userland functions from within an extensio

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Hi all,


I've just finished a PHP extension and now I need to

know how to call a userland PHP function from it. I

need to use Headers() to be able to download a binary file

that is generated by my extension. So far I've used

this function from the php-script that uses my

extension, but I'd like to embed this functionallity

into it.


I've searched the php-sources to see the

implementation of headers(), but the function that

seems to do the job (at SAPI.h):


SAPI_API int sapi_header_op(
   sapi_header_op_enum op,
   void *arg


...fails at link time complaining about an undefined

symbol related to sapi_header_op_enum (which is also

declared in that header). Do I need a SAPI *.so or

*.a module?


Thanks in advance.

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