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height 100%

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Im using CSS for the first time and i have managed to get most of the template layed out the way i want it. Im having a problem with one of the images though.

I have used a background image on body which goes accross the top of the page and im trying to use another image to go down the left hand side of the page but to strech to 100% of the screens height.

Is there anyway of getting this to happen?

currently ive got.

[code]#left_background {
      position : absolute;
      top : 150px;
      left : 0px;
      width : 200px;
      height: 100px;

The image its self is only 10px high which is why ive got the repeat-y.

If i change the heght to 500px it stretches fine but i want it to fill the page so that when content grows so does the left background.



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I have solved this problem now.

I had to set the background on the content to the left background and applied most of the same css rules and just used cell padding to keep the content furth from the left, which still keep the left back in the correct place.



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