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Using IPN and PDT

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Hey all
I will start by saying sorry now, for mistakes, its 2.10am for me, but I gotta sort this out.

Hopeing you would only read this if you know what IPN and PDT is.

This is using Paypal

I am trying to do 2 things
I am using paypal sandbox for testing
Using there shopping cart.

What I want, they buy something, then once paid, they go back to a page, then the script will find out what they brought, using product code or something


How much they paid.

I need these for something

I set up the IPN
Set up the PDT
Using the code supplied by paypal
and using the ID number supplied

But it aint working

Is this because I am using sandbox not normal?
Or am I missing something

The output of the code is only showing the bottom message

I tried
echo $_POST["first_name"]
and nothing?

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