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Browser settings detection & redirection script

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I'm creating a website in which the main page has a flash navigation menu + animations & javascript etc. However I'm worried that some visitors may not have the new flash player installed or may have it blocked using a popup blocker etc. If this were to happen then they wouldn't be able to navigate the site properly.

So being that it is only a few pages long, I've decided to create it the current way using flash. Then what I want to do is create a 2nd one that allows me to use Java menu. Then lastly a 3rd basic one that has only html + regular images.

What I am looking for is a script to detect brower capabilities before the page loads. Something like you get at scifi.com. If you go there without flash player installed it will redirect you to scifi.com/noflash etc.

This way if a customer comes without flash capabilities, the script can check the settings & redirect them to the appropriate alternate site. If they don't have flash but allow javascript, then they would go to mydomain.com/noflash.

If they have flash & javascript blocked then they get sent to the basic no-frills site, something like mydomain.com/html etc.

I've briefly checked the net but don't know exactly what to search for, so haven't had much luck. So I was wondering does anybody know the names of any commercial or free scripts that can accomplish this for me.

Many Thanks James..

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