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Parsing a file....


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((I must say before hand I know 0 about php  :-\ ))

I have a nice third party program that basically takes saved stats from a game and then puts it to a database to allow it to display on a website. I cannot get it to actually parse the .lua file (thats the place the stats are saved) and  then put those pieces of information in the correct tables in the database. I did not set up any of the tables - it did it all automatically on install, I just had to point it to the database and give it the access user name and password. If I manually start adding in information to the table, it displays it fine which is why i think its just not sorting it all correctly to stash it in the tables. I have tried serveral databases same result. I have even tried other .lua files (friends listings) same result. However, me being a slouch when it comes to coding am not sure what I am looking for to try and troubleshoot this issue. I have posted over at the programs Devs forum and got no real good response. Any poke in a direction would be appreciated!

I am not sure what all you need to know but I am using:
mysql: 4.1.18
php myadmin:2.8.01
and the program im trying to work with is wowroster v1.70
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ok re uploaded the char. prof as zip. also uploaded roster_DB.sql.zip as well as one that says help.zip - that is all the files for the program (not sure if you need/want those). I included the programs files because they have lots of php files for each type of stat breakdown so im not sure if one main file passes variables to those files or how it all quite works...

Yes, basically I'm just looking for the parsing code that will take the data from the file and put it in the correct place in the table.
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