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mod_rewrite question....

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As I'm looking around this forum, I'm noticing mod_rewrite being mentioned, and I was looking around the web, and found it to be very useful but there is one thing I couldnt figure out how to do, whoch is

Instead of having http://www.domain.com/user.html
I'd like to have...

or just generally take off the extension.

Is that possible??

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This really helped me a lot: http://lotsofphp.com/tutorials/rewritten-urls-unlimited-parameters.html

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I want to know that how can it possible to make a dynamic subdomain using .htaccess file and mod_rewrite ?

My idea is,

I want  to redirect http://subdomain.mydomain.com to http://mydomain.com/redirect.php?id=subdomain

How can this possible in apache's mod rewrite ?

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@techiefreak05 the site posted by hostfreak is acutally what you want to read. As is it doing basically what you want to do. The difference is its rewriting a query string. This is the mod rewrite code you'll want to use:
[code]# Turn on the rewrite engine
RewriteEngine On

# the rewriter tule to use:
RewriteRule ^user$ /user.html[/code]
You add the above the the htaccess file thatg is in the same folder as user.html. When you goto mysite.com/user it'll load up user.html.

@vivek - Please do not hijack other peoples threads. Please create your own thread. However I'll answer you question - I'm quite new to mod rewrite but I dont think it is possible to do that. Mod rewrite can only rewrite whats after you websites address. Prehaps you might want to look into virtual hosts if you want to create a subdomain.

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