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Dynamic check boxes

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I've set up tables in a mysql database


I have a field called foodtype which is a varchar 12


I want to have 3 choice check boxes that write to the database into the foodtype field


cb 1 - itailain

cb 2 - greek

cb 2 - spanish


I though I set it up.. but it's not writing to the DB

I can write ALL the other table field but not this one called foodtype


what should the set up be

and what type of field should it be in MYSQL

right now I have it as varchar unless you could suggest otherwise


I'm using DW MX 2004 on Mac OSX 10.2.3


thanks in advance



PS: if this helps here is a sample I'd seen online


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If using checkboxes why try to register info into a field "varchar". Using a checkbox wont allow you to enter anything of variable charachter, only a value to asscertain whether or not it is checked. Go to SQLfreaks site using the links and read up on some tutorials about databases. I could sit here and type all day.

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Yeah, did u sort it out?

i'm having a similar problem; how can i pass the details of a radio button to a database; so for e.g i a have a database with a queston and two possible choices 'yes' and 'no', if the user clicks either i want to record teh number of clicks for each choice

please jelp

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