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Frames and Images

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Hi there ,


Im a newbie and have been using Dreamweaver for only 1 night!


Im trying to use some ideas from another website, www.jaredsphotos.com


I have created a basic HTML with 5 frames. Top,Left,Right,Bottom leave the main middle. This is where I want my images to be displayed.


On the right frame I have created some flash text. However when I link the buttons to the pictures, I cant get the images to view in the middle frame perfectly, with no white around. Plus I want to get a nice border set like in www.jaredsphotos.com.


What am I doing wrong, is it the way Im formatting the pictures, or is it the frame settings?


Any help would be great!!



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I havnt visited the affore mentioned site, however if your frame dimensions== your image size you shouldnt have white space. Without visiting the site ang having more specific details on your table layout its hard to see whats going wrong. If you want a specific extension for what you're trying to achieve try the letterbox extension available at www.macromedia.com/exchange.

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