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createing "select all" checkbox using for loop generated radios

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I have this code which genetares radio buttons using a loop with $i the variable. what i want to do is to create another "select all" button so that when a user clicks, it automatically selects all either approved or reject radio buttons. How to do that?
[code]if(($rowPS["STATUS"] == "") && ($rowLAST["OWNER"] == "-"))
<td align=center><input type=radio name=appr[$i] value='Approved' style=background:#FFFFFF></td>
<td align=center><input type=radio name=appr[$i] value='Rejected' style=background:#FFFFFF></td>";
<td colspan=6 align=center>Approve All Request ?  <input type='checkbox' name='a1r1' value='Yes' style=background:#FFFFFF onClick='yesALL()';>Yes</td>[/code]

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Take a look at this javascript code: http://javascript.internet.com/buttons/check-all.html

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