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User Login Trouble PHP MySQL

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Hi all,


I am new to dynamic sites and development in general. I am having a problem in Dreamweaver MX2004 with a User Login script.


I use the Server Behaviour to login a user from a form. The login is tested against a MySQL table which DW connects to ok.


Trouble is, i want to test FORM username against DATABASE username, and FORM password against DATABASE password. Dreamweaver keeps changing the latter element "pasword" to "first_name"; a different field in the DB Table.


I tried to manually override it but with no success. If i enter username and first_name variables matching the Database, it works. I don't want 'first_name' as a password though lol.


Any help would be great.





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Just upload your page to your sever as it is then access your page once its live. Change the details on first_name/username on the fly with Dreamweaver and everything should be OK. Dreamweaver has a lot of silly quirks when working with php mainly due to what info it has in its cache. Once you get to know these you'll be flying.

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