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Trying to modify phpBB code, code not working

Nexus Zero

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Hey all. I run a phpBB forum for a Zelda site, and installed a big mod called Photo Album. I've been hacking away at its source code to create something more relevant and more streamlined to its use as a Fan Art gallery. My problems are three-fold. As you can see here:
1) "Fan Art Gallery" columns are not starting a new line after every third entry.
2) The code is only displaying a thumbnail preview from the first retrieved entry, rather than a random one from each user's gallery.
3) The sort functions are broken.

You can read the source code here:

And the relevant part of the output template is here:
[code]<!-- BEGIN memberrow -->
<!-- BEGIN membercol -->
  <td height="28" class="{memberrow.membercol.ROW_CLASS}" align="center"><br><span class="gen"><a href="{memberrow.membercol.U_VIEWGALLERY}" class="gen">{memberrow.membercol.USERNAME}</a></span> (<span class="gensmall">{memberrow.membercol.PICS}</span>)<br><br><a href="{memberrow.membercol.U_VIEWGALLERY}"><img src="{memberrow.membercol.THUMBNAIL}" style="border: 2px solid #000000"></a><br> 
&nbsp;  </td>
    <!-- END membercol -->
<!-- END memberrow -->[/code]

Any help in this matter would be greatly appriciated, because I've wasted loads of time through trial and error and just don't seem to be getting anywhere!

[b]Edit:[/b] Would this be better in the Third Party Mods section?
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