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Passing variables from php script to another

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Hi, I have a php script which searches for school name results in a database and displays them back as links to another php script which displays detailed information about the a particular school from the same table and database. Now the second php script is supposed to use a variable from the first php script. How can I send that variable. Please help.

Below are the two scripts in question.

search script.

<title>School Search Results</title>
<h3>School Search Results</h3>
//create short variable names
      echo 'You have not entered search details please go back and try again';

$conn = mysql_connect('localhost','','pass');
if (!$conn)
      echo 'Error: could not connect to database. Please try again later.';
$query = "select * from SCHOOL where sch_name like '%".$search1."%' or type like '%".$search2."%' or year like '%".$search3."%'";
$result = mysql_query($query) or die (mysql_error()."<br>Couldn't execute query: $query");
$num_results = mysql_num_rows($result);

echo '<p>Search results found: '.$num_results.'</p>';

for ($i=0; $i < $num_results; $i++)
    $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
    echo '<p>&nbsp;'.($i+1).'<a href=schselect.php>&nbsp;';
    echo htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($row['sch_name']));
    echo '</a><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;';
    echo stripslashes($row['type']);
    echo '<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;';
    echo stripslashes($row['year']);
    echo '</p>';


view details script

mysql_connect("localhost", "","pass") or
    die ("Could not connect to database");
mysql_select_db("school") or
    die ("Could not select database"); 
// define the SQL command
$query = "select * from school where sch_name = '$sch_name'";
// submit the query to the database
// make sure it worked!
if (!$res) {
echo mysql_error();
echo "<div align=\"center\">";
echo "<center>";
echo "<table border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" cellspacing=\"8\" width=\"98%\">";
echo "<tr>";
// keeps getting the next row until there are no more to get
while($row = mysql_fetch_array( $res )) {
  // Print out the contents of each row into a table
  echo "<tr>";
  echo "<td width=\"100%\" height=\"58\" colspan=\"2\"><strong><font size=\"7\">";
  echo $row['sch_name'];
  echo "</font></strong>";
  echo "</td>";
  echo "</tr>";
  echo "<tr>";
  echo " <td width=\"20%\"><font size=\"2\">YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT</font>";
  echo "<font size=\"3\"><br>";
  echo $row['year'];
  echo "</font>";
  echo "<font size=\"2\">";
  echo "<br>";
  echo "<p><font size=\"2\">LOCATION</font><font size=\"4\"><br>";
  echo "</font><font size=\"2\">";
  echo $row['location'];
  echo "<br>";
  echo "<p><font size=\"2\">KIND</font><br>";
  echo "<font size=\"2\">";
  echo $row['kind'];
  echo "<br><br>";
  echo "<p><font size=\"3\">TYPE</font></p>";
    echo "<p>";
  echo $row['type'];
  echo "</p>";
  echo "<p>TEL:</p><p><font size=\"3\">";
  echo $row['phone'];
  echo "</font><br>";
  echo "<p>POSTAL ADDRESS:</p><p><font size=\"3\">";
  echo $row['address'];
  echo "</font><br>";
  echo "</td>";
  echo "<td width=\"80%\"><p><strong><font size=\"4\">Headteacher's Message</font></strong></p><p>";
  echo $row['ht_msg'];
  echo "</p></font></td></tr>";
echo "</table>";
echo "</center></div>";
echo "</table>"


Thanx in advance.

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POST or GET or Sessions or Cookies

I would use get
<a href='page.php?school=".$school."'>View Info</a>

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<a href='page.php?school=".$school."'>View Info[/url]

Thanx but I dont know what to put where.

for example, in <a href='page.php?school=".$school."'>View Info[/url]

I put <a href='viewscript.php?

.$variable_to_be_sent."'>View Info[/url]

Is that how I do it? or I got it wrong somewhere. Coz that returns an error.


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but remember that the information is in the address bar, so this is not a good option for sensative information

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Hey man, I've done exactly that but the details script doesnt display anything! Try to look at the code for me and tell me where my mistakes are. Thanx.

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