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PHP -> MSACCESS Update query fails

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I have had little luck in finding a decent reference to the SQL syntax needed for each query when using PHP to MS ACCESS.

I have written an update query which I used in one system but for the love of god can't get it to work in a new system I am constructing and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Here is the code,

function changepassword($user, $oldpass, $newpass) {

      $sql = "SELECT * FROM budgetsys_users WHERE Username = '{$user}' AND Password = '{$oldpass}'";

      $result = odbc_exec(db(),$sql) or die ("SQL Error: Function changepassword - Select users");

      $rowcount = odbc_record_count($result, db(), $sql);

      if ($rowcount==0) {

        $changed = "Invalid Cookie";

      } else {

        $myrow = odbc_fetch_array(odbc_exec(db(),$sql)) or die("SQL Error: Function changepassword - Get user");

        $usr_id = $myrow["UserID"];
        $usr_pass = $myrow["Password"];

        if ($usr_pass==$oldpass) {

            $sql_upd = "UPDATE budgetsys_users SET budgetsys_users.Password = '{$newpass}' WHERE budgetsys_users.UserID = {$usr_id}";
            $upd_result = odbc_exec(db_src(),$sql_upd) or die ("SQL Error: Function changepassword - unable to update user");
            $changed = "Password changed";

        } else {

            $changed = "Incorrect Cookie data";

return $changed;

The code can run the select query, no problem. However it will not run an update. The database has read/write permissions for all users including IUSR (internet guest account).

Knowing from past experience that Access can be funny about the way in which a query is written I started to examine the possibility its something written wrong or missing, but as I have said I have used this query before with no problems yet no matter what tests I try for example putting data directly into the query (instead of using variables) it will not run.

Any ideas?

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