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How Do I Carry Variables To Other Pages?

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I started a thread about this yesterday, but it looks like its gone! I'll be more clear this time.

I'm trying to implement a form that gathers customer information and allows them to send me files.  Right now, the script takes the form's $_POST variables, puts them in a MySQL database, emails me with the customer information and attaches their file to the email, and also emails the customer a confirmation email of their order.

I've run into two problems:  1) The php.ini on my host has the max_upload setting set to 8MB and 2) even if I bumped up the max_upload setting, I would still have to worry about browser time-outs for large files.

So, I've found an open-source applet that allows uploading to my webserver.  I've tied this applet into my form, and it works great, but now I've got other problems.  The applet uses a php script to name the file and move it from a temporary location to its permanent location.  This script is called as a parameter of the applet.  The problem is that the script uses the flush() function; so after it's done, the variable that contains the file's name is blown away.

I need to be able to capture the file name and send it in the emails. Or even better, when the form is submitted, create a folder named the same as the unique order number, then move the files into that folder.

Any ideas?

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Sure, I can edit any of the PHP. But I can't edit the applet, obviously, because its a JAR application file.

So, no it's not a matter of not being able to edit the PHP scripts.  I'm just asking "what's the best angle for this problem"?

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