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Combine MP3's server side


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why the hell would you do that? saving bandwith? php can process up to 16MB of upload (is not always the occasion, so check your upload settings first),
if the size matters (mostly it does) :p I suggest you use winrar or any other zipping archive, I mostly use ACE or UHARC, the last one will probably resize your 3264kb big mp3 file to 42kb..
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I can think of plenty of reasons... (why would anyone ever need more than 640kb of ram?)

Multi-user mp3 file creation, dynamic track creation depending upon the actions of a user or other server activities and other ideas yet to be explored...

so is there any way to combine multiple mp3''s on a server into one single mp3 for download?

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it can be pretty simple... just needs to glue 1.mp3 to 2.mp3 to create 3.mp3...
If necessary I can even demand that the files all be the same bit rate etc..

This way perhaps you can create an mp3 "conversation" that occurs between users and is downloaded as a single whole by another....
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