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Mx, adding another select menu

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I am adding a second select menu on a php search pg, with repeat recordset results on the same page. A seperate search independent from the 1st menu; a single word search, different subject, but using the same MYSQL statement. The form action is set to this page address, "get". Also for this 1st select menu : <select name="menu3" >


So menu3 is the run-time variable for the SQL statement.


This breaks into mainly a two part question:

1) Can I simply double the select name of <select name="menu3" > and use it in to the second select menu on this page or does this new menu need a different select name, in addition to a different name identified with the action?

2) With the runtime variable of the first menu set to:

default value 1 $HTTP_GET_VARS['menu3']


-Can I add a second runtime variable, say $HTTP_GET_VARS['menu4'] -- if there needs to be second select name -- Or better yet, is there a way to write them as the same runtime time value together maybe 'menu3,menu4' or how? I don't know. -So the edit will be made easier, cleaner on the page too.

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