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INNER JOIN problem with SQL query

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Hi all,

This calendar page uses two database tables: 'calendar'  which holds the appointment info and which is linked using column 'location_id' with table 'locations' which holds the location details.

On the overview page I retrieve appointments using this query which works fine:
$listAppointmentsQuery="SELECT id,name,DATE_FORMAT(date,'%d-%m-%Y') AS date,time,location_name
                                  FROM calendar INNER JOIN locations USING (location_id)
                                  ORDER BY date DESC";

However, when a user deletes a location, the appointments that have that location are not displayed using this query. Is there a way to modify the query so that those entries are displayed (with an empty location) as well?

I'd rather not have to run through all appointments resetting their location_id when a location is deleted....



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