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Mail() Sending Attachments.

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  I don't think it is possible, but PHP's Mail() function does not suppose the sending of attachments correct?

I'm just looking at ways of automating some of my database backups and without using rSync (haven't gotten around to it), and though about if I have the database dump the databases I need to a particular folder on the server (which I have currently with cronjobs) I could then script a cronjob to execute a php script to send me the files from the directory.

I also would like to do this if its possible because a couple of people need a table dumped out every monday and emailed to them. Currently I just dump in a CSV format and email them the file. 

Just looking to be more efficient.

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you can use mail() to send attachments.  I've never done it, so I can't provide a quick explanation as to how it's done, but you can find what you need here:


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