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Can't login to laptop.


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Last night I restored my acer laptop running Vista to factory settings, followed the startup, entered in all my new user account details (which I kept the same) and everything went well, UNTIL, I tried to log into my account. I am nearly 100% sure that I gave the correct password. But it keeps saying that it's incorrect. So I've decided to use Trinity Route Kit. Now, I downloaded the iso file, decompressed it and then burnt the files from the iso to a cd and then booted from that cd. But it doesn't work. The screen goes black for a few seconds and then windows starts like normal. Should I burn the actual .iso to the disc or was I right to first decompress the iso file with winrar and burn the files onto the disc?

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No you should burn the actual iso file to the disk. You need to use software which is capable of writing bootable disk images. This article explains how to write iso to disk



Thanks Wildteen. That's where I reckon I went wrong.


actually, i would suspect where you went wrong was in purchasing an acer laptop ;)

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Um, to make things simpler. I do this all the time at work, teachers change the administrator account, and us Technology guys need it so I change it back through the command prompt.


Open the Command Prompt, Start > RUN (or Windows Key + R) and type CMD

Then type, net user account_name_here *

Then it will ask you for your password, then type it in, it will not show anything, just keep typing then push enter. Then re-type it. and Bam, logout and log back in.


Okay so I just re-read your post, and you cannot login at all. You can also try re-booting and before the windows loading screen, press F8 and go into safe mode with command prompt.


Also, you need to burn the ISO with a special ISO program. Also make sure in your boot priorities you have CDROM before your HDD. That way during the bootstrapping process the BIOS finds the CD's MBR before it finds the Hard Drive's.


Hoped I could help!

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