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  1. We will allow one username change per account. If you want to change your username please reply to this topic with your desired username, but think carefully as you will not get another chance. The PHP Freaks administration gives username changes low priority, so it might take a while before your username gets changed. We may also reject any request at our discretion if we feel it is inappropriate or will cause too much confusion. Name change requests are just that: requests. We are not in any way obligated to comply with your request, and we may or may not approve the request, with or without reason, at our sole discretion. We will NOT consider name changes for people with less than 100 posts. This rule is to help keep us from being crazy flooded with requests, and also to help us from inadvertently aiding spammers/bots. Do NOT attempt to "spam" your way to 100 posts with random "I agree" or other 1-liner posts. If we determine that you have done this, not only will the request be denied, but you may receive a warning or ban. We will NOT consider a name change to a name that already exists, unless you are in a named member group. This is to serve as a means to keep from being flooded with requests by random people wanting to take over the "shorter" names, and also serve as an additional "perk" for being promoted. NOTE: even if you are in a named member group, it is still unlikely to be approved. An exception might be made if the requested name is determined to be no longer active and there is little to no history with the name in question. For instance, if someone signed up like 10 years ago and made 1 post and hasn't been back since, we might consider releasing the name. But this is at our sole discretion. If by some miracle we do allow you to take over a previously taken name, please note that in order to do this, an automated password reset will occur (an email is sent to the email address in your profile), and your login user name will be changed to the new username. This will only happen for name changes that involve taking over names that previously existed. For regular name changes, you will still use your current login credentials (your original username and current password). Do NOT reply to this topic with things that are not username change requests.
  2. Cool. It'll be $1000 to do that.
  3. If you want a better response you could start by rephrasing this: It makes no sense whatsoever.
  4. You said that having a couple of years of programming experience should mean that you easily could create Google Maps in short time. I take it you have that kind of experience to be able to make such statements, so I'll be looking forward to seeing that Google Maps clone.
  5. Uh yeah... Shall we say you'll present a Google Maps clone next Monday? I'll be waiting for that.
  6. I don't think you got my point. Take phpfreaks.com for instance. With all the custom installations and configurations, there is no way shared hosting would work for us even if they provided us with enough resources (disk space, bandwidth, memory, CPU time, etc.). There is just not enough flexibility for our needs. This is completely regardless of resource usage and others might very well have the need for this kind of flexibility without having high resource needs. Setting up an SVN repo was just an example.
  7. Man... I've always wanted to know what the last digit of pi is. Can you post it here? Besides, I wouldn't call calculating a lot of pi's digits or generating reverse lookup and rainbow tables for "normal usage". What makes you say that? What if you want to run custom services like your own SVN repository? What if you just don't want other people on your system for security/stability reasons? What if you just want to manage your own software or don't want to have to go through the hoops of various control panels to do something you can do efficiently from the shell? The minimal required RAM for a desktopless Debian install is 64 MB RAM. The recommended minimum is 256 MB. If you don't install some bloated cPanel or whatever (or even worse, a desktop environment), you'll do just fine starting out with 256 MB. To be honest, I don't see the point in paying for more when you can upgrade at any time you want.
  8. You must be every salesman's dream. Easy to oversell. I bet you would do just fine with 256 MB. The benefit of a VPS is that you can change how much memory you're allowed to allocate while it's running, so it's just a matter of contacting the sales department asking for an upgrade. Why would you pay for something you don't need? Especially seeing as you've got a £20/mo max. Reaching that will be much easier if you scale down your requirements to something realistic. There is no way you'll need 1 GB (or even 2 GB) memory if you don't even have any traffic yet. Also, "unmetered bandwidth"? That's not going to happen. At least not within your price range.
  9. Are you sure you need 1 GB memory? This server uses about 1 GB of memory right now. It has a semi-large database, an active forum, an IRC server and corresponding IRC services as well as a daemon for a live chat client. What kind of traffic do you have?
  10. The Java Runtime VM doesn't compile the code when you execute .class files. At that point it has already been compiled.
  11. I'll have a look at doing that tomorrow. It should be a easy enough.
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