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Reading a text file

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OK I have no idea why...


But it worked well so far, but suddenly it bugs...


Its for the player 1 859...


The 1 858 gets inserted well,

But the 1 859, gets inserted only half way....


INSERT INTO `players` SET `player_id`='537de305e941fccdbba5627e3eefbb24', `shooting`=64, `playmaking`=64, `stickhandling`=55, `checking`=63, `marking`=62, `hitting`=71, `skating`=69, `endurance`=54, `penalty`=64, `faceoffs`=57,

`leadership`=47, `strength`=56, `potentiel`=68, `consistency`=73, `greed`=94, `fighting`=62, `click`=2, `team`=0, `main_position`=1, `country`=1, `handed`=1,

`birth_year`=1983, `birth_day`=25, `birth_month`=4, `salary`=450000, `contract_lenght`=0, `draft_year`=2003, `draft_round`=7, `drafted_by`=24, `rights`=98,

`week_games`=0, `week_goals`=0, `week_assists`=0, `week_points`=0,

`month_games`=0, `month_goals`=0, `month_assists`=0, `month_points`=0,

`record_goals`=28000, `record_assists`=0, `record_points`=892, `no_trade_switch`=0, `two-way_switch`=1, `player-team_option`=0,

`status`=0, `rookie`=0, `considering_offer_data`=0, `team_offering`=0, `amount_time_spent_considering`=0, `injury`=0,

`line8`='0  0  0  0  0  0  0'

WHen there is supposed to be 10 0 in line 8...

I have no idea why it is nor working...

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