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one paged websites

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So using a series of if statements, I've gone through and combined some smaller websites that I run into one paged websites with different information under each if statement.


if (chapter)
...chapter info

if (links)
...link info

I've got information that I want to show up on the index page, but when someone clicks on a different link I want that information to go away. The statement I'm using for this is....

[code] if (isset($_GET['news']) || isset($_GET['all'])) { ...page info... }[/code]

My question is, what do I set the index page information as to display when only the web address is put in. Right now, inside a statement like that, the page shows up blank. Then when you click on the home page link, you are shown what's there. Is there something like index.php=1 that will make it show up when only the URL is entered in the address bar? Did I lose you?

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if (!isset($_GET['whatever'])){
default text here

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If you MUST build a one page website use switch not if statements

case "page2":
//this is page 2

//this is your home page



google hates Dynamic links
So you would probs mod rewrite them
its heavier as the whole page is read every time.

Unless you are using Ajax or something, I suggest not to

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