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iPhone API for updating website listings?


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Dear friends,

This is my first post on this forum and hope i will get lot of help from this.

I have to do a task which i have not done before. My client need an application for iphone thru which he can update his listing records on website

Just i need a CMS type module for his iphone, But i have no idea about this.

I need some help about this that what i need for implementing this?

Any one please who know about this that how can i do this for my codeigniter website.


Very thanks to all



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There are two types of iPhone applications. Web applications, which are run through Safari, and native apps (like the sort you buy through the App Store).


If you're going for web apps, just create your a PHP script that does the updating, host it on your server then place a bookmark on their iPhone pointing to your script. If they want an "iPhone" feel to their applications, check out http://code.google.com/p/iui/ which is a great set of javascript and CSS files. You drop it in, make a few unordered lists (eg. <ul><li>Testing</li><li>Hello</li></ul>) and your site looks and behaves similar to an iPhone. I used it for the iPhone version of my website (http://iphone.solidinc.org) and it was dead simple to use! Also see Apple's documentation on making web apps http://developer.apple.com/safari/library/codinghowtos/Mobile/GraphicsMediaAndVisualEffects/index.html


If you're looking at making a native iPhone application that has all the cool stuff like GPS that isn't run through Safari, it gets more complicated. You have to own a Mac with Mac OS X, download the iPhone SDK, develop it in Object-C, submit it to Apple for approval, get it in the store blah blah blah and it's more hassles than it's worth.


So I say the web app is the way to go. It's just a standard HTML page that has CSS, Javascript, whatever else you need, and you simply host it on your own site and tell your client to go there in Safari. Easy!


Hope that helps.

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