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php mysql wordpress query

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hi all,

This is my first post here (so hello!)

After several months offline, I have looked at my wordpress blog again. Eek, it looks pretty shabby.

So, I am looking at changing things. I really like the simpleness of www.plasticbag.org - particularly the different colour hyperlinks regarding the different categories. I think the new blog will look something like this.

The only thing is the category area doesn't exactly get me excited.

So I have an idea - which I'd like to put by you, and hopefully get some technical advice or assistance. How about if the forum can help me on here then I donate $20 to charity?

anyway, so this is the idea...

instead of a static list of categories, there is a tag cloud. But...

The tag cloud, that has a breadcrumb ...
... so that its content can be narrowed down by the “select * from” of the breadcrumb
... and so the user can step up back and home

has a dropdown box...
... so the weighting of the cloud contents can be changed from say; popular to most commented upon

Anyone enough of a mysql/php guru to comment on whether this is feasible??

what you think???


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