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My PHP Extension dlls get modified!

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Hi, I have apache 2.2.3 running on windows server 2003 with php 5.1.4.

A few times now, Apache has "performed an illegal operation and must close" and I dont know why.  The apache error log gives me:

[code][notice] Parent: child process exited with status 4294967295 -- Restarting.[/code]

I have read that the error happens when a DLL calls exit(..) and forces the apache child process to quit.  However, in the cases I've read about, Apache successfully restarts after this happens.

But the problem I have is that when this happens I cannot get Apache to start again, until I either comment out the extensions in the PHP.ini OR replace the extension dlls being used by PHP with the originals again.

As soon as I have done this Apache continues to run. Any information as to why this might be happening and how to fix this would be appreciated.



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Ok, I still haven't solved this problem, but I have discovered it's two seperate problems.  That of the occasional restart by apache crashing and that of the failed starting due to the dlls.

The one i'm concened with mostly is the dlls.  It seems that they get changed at 3am every day that the Apache server is running.  Once this occurs, when apache stops for any reason (graceful or not) Apache fails to start again until the modified dlls are replaced with the originals.

Any thought into this would be much appreciated,

Thank you for you time,


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