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An image path problem

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I upload my images to a folder, then I resize and transfer the images to another folder, via an file called transfer.php  transfer.php has an <include> for an image_resize.php file.


<? php

$command = $imagemagik_path.'convert -resize ';

  // resize for thumbnail 1 size
  $current_command = $command.$thumb_size1.' "'.$old.'" '.$thumb1;
  exec($current_command, $retarray, $retval);
  // echo $current_command;
  if ($retval != 0) // error

Both, transfer.php and image_resize.php are directly under /public_html  and work fine.

When I take transfer.php and move it to a level below where it presently is ie)  /public_html/level1/transfer.php (leaving image_resize.php where it is at ie) public_html/resize.php)  The files do not work.  (I have a delivery button that transfers the images to the frontend and it is located on transfer.php)

All the paths in transfer.php are okay and working.

I have troubleshot the problem to the above code.  I am certain I have a path problem with the imagemagik resizing.  (I have error code that tells me this as well as other evidence)

Can someone tell me if the path above needs something so when transfer.php is moved to a level below where it is at, the above code imagemagik code will resize the image?

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