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Setting a time limit on a CURL lookup?

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Is it possible to set a timelimit within PHP, such as if CURL doesn't fetch a page in 5 seconds, give up trying.

Only way I can see at the moment is to have an entire-script timeout and lookup some satellite scripts... hardly an efficient process.

Any ideas?

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Well, according to [url=http://www.phpit.net/article/using-curl-php/2/]http://www.phpit.net/article/using-curl-php/2/[/url]:

[quote]The CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT is used to set how long curl should wait whilst trying to connect. This is a very important option, since it could cause requests to fail if you set it too low, but if you set it too high (e.g. 1000 or 0 for unlimited) it could cause your PHP scripts to crash. A related option to this is the CURLOPT_TIMEOUT option, which is used to set how long curl requests are allowed to execute. If you set this to a low value, it might cause slow pages to be incomplete, since they take a while to download.


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