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PHP with MSSQL and Flash - passing a variable

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Hi everyone -
I am working on a project where I need to take a var from MSSQL to PHP to import into Flash - I am having trouble with the var not passing from the PHP to the flash...I have posted the prob on FlashKit, but I have a hunch my PHP is not working like I need it to:

include 'functions.php';


//$max = $row['0'];
//echo "$max";

$find_sql = "SELECT MAX(game_number) FROM planet";

$game_number_search = mssql_query($find_sql)
or die("Could not find MAX value");

$row = mssql_fetch_array($game_number_search);
$max_game_number = $row['0'];

echo "<br><br>
//  <tr>
//<td>MAX game number is: $max_game_number now send it to flash<td>
//  <tr><br>";

echo "max_game_num = $max_game_number";//echos the var $max_game_number correctly...


My phpinfo(32); shows no POST vars which is why I think it is not passing to Flash - has anybody got an idea on how to handle this and is my PHP doing what its supposed to?

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