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CSS div trouble

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Hi guys, its been a while since I have been here. I need some help on positioning a div on my page. Basicaly I have a hyper link and when u click it a div appears which will contain other links, sor of like a dropdown menu. At this stage I have this all working, the problem is that the rest of the links, that appear below the div area. Okat it might sound consfusing, so it would be better if you could have a look at the site, I have removed all other content from the site so you can view the source code.

The link is [url=http://www.cy2online.net]www.cy2online.net[/url], just click the home link and you will see where the rest of the links are placed, they are ment to be placed in a row , like such Home | Forum | Download.

I would really appreciate it if any one can help me out, so i can up the rest of my site back up.

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