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Importing to Excel

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I am seriously at my wit's end about this... I need to be able to click a link, which opens up a dynamically created Excel page with X number of rows and 9 columns. I am currently using a script called "excelwriter", but I can't seem to get it to work properly - that is, write all the rows into the excel file (I can only write one dynamically, which is a little useless...). So, my question would be: How would I be able to accomplish this if I rewrote the whole script? I'm talking from scratch... Also, is it possible to import my data as an HTML table to Excel? I think that would be easiest.

Thanks in advance,
- Jeff

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You might be interested into learning how CSV works  ;)


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sweet - it pretty much works the way I want. How would I be able to format cells though? For example, have the cell labels in bold or something? Here is my code:

$cr = "\n";
$title = "TITLE" . ',' . $monthname . ',' . $year . $cr;
$catanames =
"Type" . ',' . "Date" . ',' . "Downtime" . ',' . "Hours Down" . ',' .
"ATA" . ',' . "Discrepancy" . ',' . "Resolution" . ',' . "Logged" . ',' .
"Logged By" . $cr;

$data .=
$dwntime_type . ',' . $dwntime_date . ',' . $dwntime_times . ',' .
$dwntime_hrs . ',' . $dwntime_ata . ',' . $dwntime_reason . ',' .
$dwntime_solution . ',' . $dwntime_log . ',' . $dwntime_log_by . $cr;

$fp = fopen($filename2,"a");
fwrite($fp, $title);
fwrite($fp, $catanames);
fwrite($fp, $data);
echo "File saved successfully. <a href=$filename.csv>click here to access $filename2</a>";
} else {
echo "Error saving file!";

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