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I am sort of slow to learning anykind of computer language.
However some what stubborn and easily distracted though. 

I want to learn php.  Every time I try to learn, I never finish.  I am notarious for getting frustrated feeling like I have to go back to learn C++, or something else, and never finish. or get back to php.  I get lost very quickly and very easily.

SOOOOO, just wondering if any of you have any suggestions on any good books about php and mysQL that would help an idiot like me?

I really don't like the dummies books, they don't seem to help.  I suppose I am looking for one kind of like a class/text book.  That has tutotorials and questions and examples and explains things plain as day with very few errors, and parts of examples of programs,,,,that make me guess,,,"what just happened with that program?"

I have had plenty of times reading books where the author especially in the dummies books skips important parts of things and I have to - try and figure it out myself!!! fine I can think but when I am trying to learn quickly but intently I don't want to have to spend 2 hours trying to figure out what the author forgot.
by having to go back and look up in the C++ book trying to remember forgottent basic programming ...again like I said, I am an idiot but stubborn.

Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

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[quote author=opportunist link=topic=103965.msg414448#msg414448 date=1155369444]
Every time I try to learn, I never finish.

I've been using it for four years and I haven't finished learning yet.

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With all due respect, if you do seriously want to learn a language, then there will be times that you are going to have to try and figure something out for yourself. If you never do anything this, then i dont believe you will have actually learnt anything; is it not when trying to do something by yourself that you find out if you have learnt it or not?

To be honest, i would recommend just starting using tutorials from the internet, including those on this site. They are free, and you can find out if you do really want to learn php before buying a book. I bought PHP and Mysql Web Development by Luke Welling and Laura Thompson probably 4-5months after having started learning PHP from internet tutorials. It is a very good book although i think it helps that i did already know a decent bit of php. I tend to use it both as a general refernece book, or to learn more about things which i dont really understand.

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I have and do look at internet sites.  However I would like a book, I can't pick up my computer, monitor mouse and key and just move anywhere in my house.  I do not have a lab top.   A book I can read anywhere move around   Sometimes I just like to first read over before I try to implement.  I don't know I guess flipping through pages is better for me.  And yes I do think trying to learn on my own is good.  However, I also think its best to get a good understanding before I have to try and figure it out on my own.  no good foundation makes it hard.  So I was trying to ask what kind of book is there that I could read that may lay a good foundation down.  What programming language would be best for me to learn first?   etc.... is tehre anybooks that anyone could recommend on this?

And yes... I am an idiot.  Perhaps they could write php for idiots books =) And I still want to learn Im very good at at design, how things looks, but when it comes to programming well im kind of dumb.   I would like to be able to do both, look good and good programming.

thanks for your help.

And sorry for the bad writting.  I will remember next time to wait till I have had enough sleep before posting

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I have been progrmming php for 2 years know so i will tell you the way foward to get to know php to be a proper programmer to earn good money.

this is a list of things you need to study to be relly good at php.

html <<<< no all from a-z

css <<< no all css as its verry inportant

javascript <<< no all the basics

mysql <<<< no as much as possable as mysql will do the work for you as your coding in php gets good.

php <<<<< learn as much as possable use all the tutoral on the net as possable, Then get a book like the dummies book know all the code in the dummies book as it is all basic, When done that study the php black book this is a book with nearly all the comands for php can handle, then last of all always download the upto date version off the manual what is free on php.net.

now that what i am upto all the above now a list of programs to study to help you design good web sites.

photoshop  <<<<<<<<, for pictures very inportant use it and study all commands.

illustartor <<<<<<<<, good for drawings and making logos

dreamwaver <<<<<<<<< good for styling pages out and other things.

flash <<<<<<< good for animation

freehand <<<<<< good for drawing and pic alternations

the course will take aroud 2 years but well worth it good luck.

Also my option is that learning php is a long process near to infentity.

good luck.

[b]ps. i have done all that is above the whole complete lot and i am still learning php so its a long process but fun.[/b]

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