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Adding to existing form...

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I've got a form where users list contatct people in their organization. Currently I've used several Server Side Includes to pull in the various parts of the form. (The "main" part of the form where all the company info goes and the "contact" part that lists the name, phone, etc. of each and every person the user wants to add to the form.


What I would like to be able to do is have the user click on a button to "add" another instance of the "contact include" within the form and (in doing so) be able to list as many people on the form as they need.


That being said my problem is two-fold....first how to set up the button to insert the "include" file as many times as needed and once they are inserted how do I get around the field/variable names that are going to be (I'd imagine) all the same as they are based off the same "include" file.


Any help or pointers would be GREATLY appreciated!





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You can either write a JavaScript function to achieve this or you could use toggle layers to show or hide form elemnts. Try flevs toggle layers ext.

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