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How to let a user make a list and share this list

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Hello everyone, I am very new to PHP-Nuke and have figured out a lot.

What I need to do is allow a registered user, after they have logged in, to create a personal list, using information from my master list. EXP. Lets say I have a list of 200 DVD titles and the user signs in, they can add a DVD title to their list and mark it as either "own it" or "want it". This list will also be public and available to other users, but only editable by the list creator...

Also, how can I create my master list in which they can "add" my info to their list?

Whew... hope I wasn't too bad with explaining this "need". Any help or would be appreciated... I tired looking for a module that would allow this but no luck. Know of any? Thank you for your time.

(Think amazon wish list, but they're not buying anything.)


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