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This isnt PHP related but I am in desperate need of help. I have wanted to use the template feature of dreamweaver forever but could never get it to work right, but really need it to work now. I am building a big website and want to use a tempalte so when I have to make changes to a specific area in the entire site, I can just make the cahnge in the template and then apply it to all teh pages. I have made my template adn then created a couple of pages from that template, made sure it was checked to update these pages if template is changed. But now when i go make a change in the template, and click to update, the chagnes are not in the pages? Can someone please email me as I dont hit these boards often. Please :)





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Hi Michelle,


I'm just going through a few points as you seem to be doing everything right.


Are the pages are definately/ been created from the template?

This can be checked by just adding a space to the template and then saving. Check that the other pages are then being updated.


Have you saved the updated pages - I've sometimes uploaded unsaved pages and then complained as the updates do not appear.


Is the area you want to change in an editable area - I've forgotten the commands - but anything between the open and closing tag of an editable area will not be updated.


If still having problems email a copy of the template and one of the pages to php@sold.co.uk and I'll have a quick look.



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Thinking about it why use templates.


Php allows you to include other php files eg


<?php include("top.php"); ?>


I use a simple table structure with includes php for the top, right margin, content, left margin and footer.


On my site all I need to change is the right margin and the content.


I have a standard reference web page which I use with a 'Save as' for new pages - alternatively this could be set as a template - but frankly I can't be bothered.


:):):) Good luck :):):)

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