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Ok, I might be in the wrong forum, but part of my installation on my server is PHP. I am trying to install HLstatsx on my CSS server. I am very new and very stupid to this stuff, so however you can break it down barney style. This is what I have:

Gameservers.com CSS Server FTP access
HTML website seperate from Gameservers w/ FTP access
CSS 20 Player 100 Tick

SmartFTP Trial Ver.
Install for php-4.4.1
Install for MySQL
Unzipped folders of HLstatsx
more installs needed but I haven't even got past the first 1

I need to install the php, MySQL, HLstatsx onto somewhere?? I don't know where. Also I need SMTP email? All this is so way over my head and a little bit of guidance would be appreciatted. I kind of got the idea they want these installs on your own system, but Im not running a game server off my own box. How do you install an executable file through ftp, or are you not suppose to. If anyone could throw me a bone, I'd appreciate it.

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