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Question about code

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I am writing a couple test programs to get familiar with php.  Whenever I load the below code I get an error message.  Here is the error
Object not found!

The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
Error 404
08/13/06 20:56:58
Apache/2.2.2 (Win32) DAV/2 mod_ssl/2.2.2 OpenSSL/0.9.8b mod_autoindex_color PHP/5.1.4 [/quote]

Here is the code

This is my test page
<form action="insert.php" method="post">
First Name: <input type="text" name="first"><br>
Last Name: <input type="text" name="last"><br>
Phone: <input type="text" name="phone"><br>
Mobile: <input type="text" name="mobile"><br>
Fax: <input type="text" name="fax"><br>
E-mail: <input type="text" name="email"><br>
Web: <input type="text" name="web"><br>
<input type="Submit">


@mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");
$query = "INSERT INTO contacts VALUES ('','$first','$last','$phone','$mobile','$fax','$email','$web')";


Thank you
Chris Collins

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all i can see is that the url not found, is the "insert.php", you have the php on the same page rather than in insert.php

that is the problem mate!

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