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Graph in PHP from MySQL data result ... need help in that ..

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Hello friends..
Im again here from ur help .. I made a graph from MySQL data result but need a bit help to look that good and put the X:Y lines in and make as a good graph.

Here is the graph i made ...


Need help in put the X:Y lines and put the tekst on those lines like this http://svendeprove.vitusflensborg.dk/Try/bartableex1.png
Here is the code of Graph i made.

header ("Content-type: image/png");
mysql_connect('localhost', 'user', 'user');
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM skemaresultat where skr_elev =".$_SESSION['userid']);

   while ($row= mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
   $values[] = $row["skr_totalpoint"];

// Get the total number of columns we are going to plot
    $columns  = count($values);

// Get the height and width of the final image
    $width = 400;
    $height = 300;

// Set the amount of space between each column
    $padding = 10;

// Get the width of 1 column
    $column_width = $width / $columns ;

// Generate the image variables
    $im        = imagecreate($width,$height);
    $gray      = imagecolorallocate ($im,0xcc,0xcc,0xcc);
    $gray_lite = imagecolorallocate ($im,0xee,0xee,0xee);
    $gray_dark = imagecolorallocate ($im,0x7f,0x7f,0x7f);
    $white     = imagecolorallocate ($im,0xff,0xff,0xff);

// Fill in the background of the image
    $maxv = 0;

// Calculate the maximum value we are going to plot
    $maxv = max($values);

// Now plot each column
//echo $values[$i].",".$height.",".$maxv;
           $column_height = ($height / 100) * (( $values[$i] / $maxv) *100); 
           $x1 = $i*$column_width;
           $y1 = $height-$column_height;
           $x2 = (($i+1)*$column_width)-$padding;
           $y2 = $height;

// This part is just for 3D effect
// Send the PNG header information. Replace for JPEG or GIF or whatever

please help me in that ... Thanks in advance

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I have put the picture now ... can u please help me ... i really need that. pleaase help me friends.

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Check out PHPlot.php ([url=http://www.phplot.com]http://www.phplot.com[/url]), a GNU-licensed package to plot all kinds of charts, fairly easy to use, helps you concentrate on conveying your message through good-looking charts rather than spending (wasting?) time on re-inventing the wheel.

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