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Dynamic JavaScript menu creation...problem

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I don't know if you remember, but the other day I had a problem with displaying subcatagories below catagories.  Thanks to some great help from Barand and sas, I managed to sort this problem.  However, the initial scope of the problem was not to simply echo the catagories and subcatagories, but to create a javascript menu from these, where if you rolled over the catagory, you would be displayed with a list of subcatagories.

I already had a template menu a friend of mine created using some program (can't think of the name), so I decided to use this template and adapt it to display the catagories from my database

Now, I attempted to code this in PHP, and it looked as if everything was fine, except whn I tried to view the menu, I was presented with simply an empty, white page.  I viewed the source code of this page, and it mimics, almost exactly, the code of the initial menu, so there seems to be no problem with my PHP, its probably the JavaScript, which I have NO experience in at all, so if anyone can see where I've gone wrong, I would be extremely greatful.

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Sorry, for some reason I can't post my code, you can find it here:



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